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5 Great Products To Keep Your Fishing Gear Organised

 1. Rod Sleeves

Sometimes the decision to go on a fishing trip can be last-minute, especially when the weather surprises us with perfect conditions. That's why it's important to have your fishing gear organized and ready to grab and go at a moment's notice. Our range of canvas fishing gear bags and protection sleeves are designed to keep your gear in great condition, while also helping you keep everything neat and tidy at home and on the water.

We offer four different sizes of rod sleeves to choose from, all at the same price. Simply select the right size for your rod when it's in two pieces for transport, or for single-piece rods if the size is applicable. Our sleeves are made from Australian-made canvas, webbing, and binding, and feature a hook/loop closure with a pull tab. They come in a grey canvas with black binding.

 Rod Sleeve



2. Sounder Bags

Our sounder bag is the perfect way to pack and protect your sounder head unit. Once anchored, you can take it with you in your beach bag or stow it away under the hatches. The bag features a soft carpet internal lining, and is available in 7-inch and 9-inch sizes to fit your Lowrance HDS. The external dimensions are 34cm x 25cm for the 7-inch size, and 39cm x 27cm for the 9-inch size. It's made from Australian-made canvas, webbing, and binding, and features a heavy-duty YKK zip. It comes in grey.

 Sounder Bag

3. Lure Covers

Our lure covers are a great way to protect your lures, your vehicle, and your family. They're perfect for traveling, when your rods are pre-rigged with lures in the car or boat, to keep curious fingers away. We've also used them to prevent sinkers from bouncing around in the windscreen after a hot tailor bite. They come in four sizes and three colours to choose from, and you can also purchase a combo set that includes a small, medium, and large cover (a three-piece set).

 Lure Cover

4. Beach Fishing Bag

Our canvas fishing bag is the perfect bag for fishing the beaches and rivers of Australia. It features a catch pouch, bait/small tackle tray pouch, beverage holder, and knife holder, all with heavy-duty mesh bases on the pockets. No more running back to the bait box when the fish are biting. You can also add our fishing grab bag for tackle storage, our beach worming bag, or our X2 beach fishing bag for you and a fishing-loving friend in combo deals. The beach fishing bag has external dimensions of 45cm x 45cm, the grab bag is 27cm x 20cm x 15cm, and the worming bag is 32cm x 32cm. They're all made from Australian-made canvas, webbing, and binding, with Italian-made military-grade tri-glides.

Canvas Fishing Bag

5. Knife Rolls

Finally, our canvas knife rolls are a heavy-duty storage solution for fishing, hunting, and camping. They keep your knives safe and protected in fishing bags or 4WD drawers. Made from AUSCAM canvas, these rolls are perfect for keeping your knives organized and protected. Just be careful not to drop them in the bush, or you might have a hard time finding them!

    Canvas Knife Rolls


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