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Canvas Care

Underkover Australia uses Australian made canvas which is impregnated (not coated) with proofing agents to result in a superior waterproof/breathable fabric suited to the Australian environment.

Pre-Use: We recommend all our canvas products to be pre-seasoned. Other terms for this are 'weathered' or 'seasoned' or 'pre-conditioned'. This is a simple, yet important process to ensure optimum longevity of the canvas is obtained. It is achieved by wetting the canvas by rain or a garden hose until soaked. Allow to fully dry. Repeat this process. This allows the fibres in the canvas weave to swell and then shrink to an even tighter weave around the stitching, improving it's waterproof capabilities.

Post-Use: Never put a damp/wet canvas product into storage - allow to dry out immediately. This ensures mildew will not form. Remove anything abrasive such as sand/dirt and brush off organic matter which can be stain forming.

Cleaning: Canvas can be cleaned inside and out using a soft brush or spray it out with a hose. Do not use detergents, soap, petroleum based products, solvents, bleach or chemical mould removers. All of these can reduce canvas UV protection, waterproofing and colouration.